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Daily Unit Trust Prices

Terms & Conditions

General Terms and Conditions

  1. Units are traded at the daily ruling price and will be repurchased by GenCap Unit Trust Ltd in accordance with the Capital Markets (Collective Investment Schemes) Regulations, 2001 and on terms and conditions set out in the relevant Trust Deed.
  2. Completed application forms and notification of deposits / cleared funds must be received for the investment to be executed. Subscriptions monies in cleared funds received will be dealt with on the next dealing day.
  3. The investor applies to invest in the collective investment scheme portfolios (managed by GenCap Unit Trust) in accordance with the provisions of the Deed at the net asset value at the close of business on the date of receipt of the money by GenCap Unit Trust, or receipt of this application, whichever is later, provided it is received by the daily cut-off time of 09h00. If received after 09h00, the following day’s net asset value will be used to calculate the purchase value of the unit trust(s).
  4. The investor and / or his / her financial advisor shall at all times be responsible for ensuring that the unit trust and its representatives receive any instructions from the investor and / or financial advisor, whether by facsimile or email, and that such instruction are complete and correct in all respects.
  5. The investor acknowledges the inherent risk associated with the selected unit trust(s). The investor furthermore agrees GenCap Unit Trust will not be liable for the consequences of market influences and consequent changes in unit prices. The investor bears the total investment risk. GenCap Unit Trust will not be responsible for any loss, consequential or otherwise, arising from changes in tax or other legislation that may have an effect on the investment returns of the unit trust(s).
  6. The investor is entitled to any information the law requires a collective investment scheme provider to disclose. GenCap Unit Trust is obliged to obtain and transmit such information if the investor requests it.
  7. Once an account has been opened, a statement of investment will be sent to the investor on a monthly basis. Copies of statements are available to investor on request from GenCap Unit Trust.
  8. GenCap reserves the right to withhold processing of any unclear, incomplete or ambiguous instruction forwarded by the investor.
  9. GenCap will not be liable for any loss incurred due to incorrect information being supplied by the investor.
  10. Please note that past performance is no indication of future results and that investing in a unit trust scheme constitutes a risk for your invested capital.
  11. This document does not constitute a distribution recommending the purchase or sale of any security or portfolio. Please be advised that the Genghis Capital Unit Trust Information Memorandum contains all information necessary to evaluate our unit trust and should be read before investing.
  12. We recommend that you consult your own independent financial advisor to obtain professional advice before exercising any decisions based on the information present in this document
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