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Shariah Compliant Investments

GenCap IMAN fund will provide investors with Shariah compliant returns and the opportunity to achieve medium to long-term wealth creation with a moderate level of risk. The fund aims to offer investors with a reasonable level of income that is Halaal (permissible).

The fund is approved and regulated by the Capital Markets Authority of Kenya and promoted by Genghis Capital, a licensed stockbroker and affiliated company of Chase Bank Group.


Our Service Offering For You in The GenCap Iman Fund

Are you looking for an ethical investment fund providing fair returns at medium risk level?

We offer you a fund that complies with the General Islamic Investment Principals and specific Shariah compliant financial ratios. The Iman Fund is suitable for investors seeking a Shariah compliant portfolio and are in their wealth accumulation phase.

Are you looking for a transparent product with no hidden charges or hold ups?

We offer you constant information about your investment by means of daily pricing, easy online access to your statement, monthly statements via email and quarterly fund fact sheets. Due to the long-term nature of the underlying assets of the GenCap Iman Fund, early redemption  can only be facilitated against a redemption fee.

Are you looking for an ethical and convenient way of investing?

The GenCap Iman Fund offers you the opportunity to invest in a Shariah compliant manner with a mimimum amount of only Ksh 500.  You do not have to open a  bank account; just transfer and receive your money via M-PESA.

Your Advantages in the GenCap Iman Fund

Shariah Compliant

Shariah compliant investment funds provide a means of investing while still honoring the high morals and principles of Islam.

Lower risk compared to conventional investments

Shariah compliant companies tend to be more resilient during an economic downturn compared to their conventional counterpart, as they must not be leveraged.

Professional fund management

The GenCap Iman Fund is managed by a team of experienced professionals who have in-depth knowledge of local and international capital markets.  You can benefit from their expertise.
Shariah Scholars and Advisors

The fund is approved by the Chase Bank Shariah Advisory Board chaired by Sheikh Ibrahim Lethome. The board meets on a regular basis to ensure that the investments fall within the Islamic investment guidelines and that your savings remain “Halaal”.


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