Eneza Fund Bid: 103.279800 Ask: 107.025699  Hazina Fund Bid: 124.472700 Ask: 128.987254  Hisa Fund Bid: 111.589900 Ask: 115.637202 Iman Fund Bid: 99.076100 Ask: 100.076869  Hela Fund  Daily Annual Yield: 0.574% Effective Annual Yield: %

Daily Unit Trust Prices

Our Objective

We aim to provide our clients with the most valuable performance from their investments and the most efficient and convenient Unit Trust-service available in Kenya.

The wide variety of unit trusts on offer by Genghis Capital makes them an ideal way to build up a well-diversified investment portfolio tailored to meet your specific needs, risk profile and investment requirements. In celebrating our diversity, we recognize the different clients' needs based on cultural beliefs, individual principles, age profiles and socio-economic aspirations. We have remained cognizant of the needs of our clients and remain focused on delivering a product offering that comprehensively and competitively address these. The GenCap Unit Trust product range has been intentionally designed to cater for different risk and age profiles where the risk-return relationship of the underlying instruments are tailored to meet the evolving life staging spectrum of our prospective client base.

It is important to consider what type of investor you are before you proceed. As an initial step, please make use of our online risk-return questionaire which will help you determine if you are a conservative/cautious, moderate or aggressive investor. Once you know your personality risk profile, you can select a unit trust that is aligned to your needs in terms of risk, income and growth.




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