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GenCap Hela Fund - Money Market Investments

The main objective of the GenCapHela Fund is to provide investor with a competitive rate of return for short-term investments while carrying only a low amount of risk. Capital preservation is the most important feature of this fund.

The fund invests mainly in fixed and call deposits, treasury bills and commercial paper and other money market instruments with a maturity not over one and a half years.

The fund is approved and regulated by the Capital Markets Authority of Kenya and promoted by Genghis Capital, a licensed stockbroker and affiliated company of Chase Bank Group.


Our Service Offering For You in The GenCap Hela Fund

Are you looking for a short-term parking facility for excess cash that offers fair returns?

We offer you competitive money market returns in a secure product with a low-risk profile. The weighted tenure of the fund will not exceed 18 months.

Are you looking for a transparent product with no hidden charges or hold ups?

We offer you constant information about your investment by means of daily pricing, easy online access to your statement, monthly statements via email and monthly fund fact sheets.

Are you looking for an affordable and easy way of investing?

We offer you the opportunity to invest a mimimum amount of Ksh 500. You do not need a bank account; just transfer your excess cash via M-PESA and receive it back on your M-PESA account.

Your Advantages in the GenCap Hela Fund

Professional fund management

The GenCap Hela Fund is managed by a team of experienced professionals who have in-depth knowledge of local and international capital markets. You can benefit from their expertise.

Access to investments that you could not access alone
Due to its size, the GenCap Hela Fund is invested in high-quality institutional money market instruments that are not easily available to retail clients.

Lower risk and diversification

The GenCap Hela Fund is a low risk investment vehicle, as it is managed defensively. It is suitable for investors who wish to diversify away from equities, specifically those who favour more stable returns within the money market universe.



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