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The objective of the GenCap Hazina Fund is to give investors access to a portfolio of high quality medium to long-term fixed income assets in Kenya. The fund aims to provide investors with a reliable income stream and a high degree of capital appreciation. It follows an active trading approach as opposed to a buy-and-hold strategy.

The fund is approved and regulated by the Capital Markets Authority of Kenya and promoted by Genghis Capital, a licensed stockbroker and affiliated company of Chase Bank Group.


Our Service Offering For You in The GenCap Hazina Fund

Are you tired of mediocre returns and have an entrepreneurial attitude towards risk?

This fund invests in high quality fixed income securities and concentrates on active trading ideas.

Are you looking for a transparent product with no hidden charges or hold ups?

We provide constant information about your investment by means of daily pricing, easy online access, monthly statements via email and monthly fund fact sheets.

Do you have spare money with which you are comfortable to take some risk?

The fund is considered to be a medium to high-risk investment vehicle; with an investment horizon of 3 – 5 years. The fund performance may be volatile and the trading strategies need some time to deliver results.

Do you want to take advantage of the knowledge of a professional fund manager?

We offer you a unit trust fund which follows professional trading strategies and is managed by our best portfolio managers.

Your Advantages in the GenCap Hazina Fund

Diversified portfolio

This fund invests in a large variety of high-quality fixed income securities so that adverse performance in one security does not impact heavily on the overall performance of the fund.

Research & professional fund management

The GenCap Hazina Fund is a research-intensive product managed by a team of experienced professionals with in-depth knowledge of local and international capital markets.

Economies of Scale

Due to its size, the GenCap Hazina Fund enjoys more favourable trading rates than an individual investor would usually get.



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